Private driver & Ecology

Private driver & Ecology

Hi there !

Our company DRIVER BC is really happy to tell you that we are now supporting the ecological action ZERO DEFORESTATION , made by the association ARUTAM ( located in the South Luberon in Cadenet ) to contribute to the preservation of the native people and the old forests in the Amazon region ! 

Since last year, we were searching for a way to " offset " our vehicles' carbon footprint ( even if we are aware that it is not a big compensation and there is still plenty to do to help more ! ) 

During these last 2 months, we had plenty of time to focus on our research and we finally found the association which was corresponding to our expectations , to our values !

So naturally, when we have discovered ARUTAM, it was really to easy to start to collaborate with them as they are operating in some Amazon regions in South America, lands where we like to spend time during our trips abroad and where we were living a part of our life in the past !

Our partnership with ARUTAM action ZERO DEFORESTATION is working like this  :


1000 kms driven by our fleet = 1 planted tree through a donation of money from DRIVER BC to ZERO DEFORESTATION.

So every time you are using our transportation services in the Luberon, you personally help to plant a tree in the Amazon rainforest ! And we really thank you for that !

Each kilometer is important, so even a small ride with DRIVER BC is important !Each booking for a private transfer in the Luberon or a guided tour in the Alpilles area is helping the earth !

So thanks again to you and thanks a lot to ARUTAM association to trust our company !

See you soon in the Luberon,


DRIVER BC, your chauffeured service in the Luberon who care about the earth !

To learn more about ZERO DEFORESTATION, follow :